Year To Date Statistics:

588 Cats adopted

241 Dogs adopted

37 Exotics adopted



          Wish List: Dog toys, Adult cat food, Rodent/Bird/Reptile Cages and Enclosures, Rodent/Bird/Reptile Food and Supplies

                          If you have found a stray/lost animal within the city of Prince Albert, please call Animal Control at 306-981-6115 



Dear Friends,

We would like to take a special moment to thank everyone, from our donors, sponsors, adopters and volunteers for the generosity and support throughout this pandemic. With your support, we were able to continue our operations, help animals in need, find forever homes for our adoptable animals as well as find perfect companions for so many adopters. 

Throughout these last months, we have done a large amount of consideration as to what the future operations of our organization will look like as the economy starts to open back up. We have reflected on how we have adjusted and evolved to better serve our community, and the animals in our care. 

Over the pandemic, we have made adjustments to our services by only going through appointments. Not only did this keep our staff healthy, but it greatly impacted the shelter in many ways. We have been able to spend more one on one time with our adopters under a less stressful environment to ensure they meet the perfect match for their family. 

Pre-pandemic, our facility was open for the public to visit our adoption gallery at any time during our open hours. At times, this meant there would be numerous people handling each animal throughout a day. This in turn, caused the animals to be stressed and overwhelmed at times when they wanted to be left alone. This resulted in some animals being grouchy or visibly showing their anxiety and stresses when people would go to visit. Since operating by appointments we have seen a significant improvement in the behaviours of our adoptable animals. They have improved mentally as well as physically as there has been less stress and illness cross contamination in our adoption gallery. The animals are excited and eager to meet the adopters and are overall less stressed and anxious during their visits. 

We have decided as an organization that it is in the best interest of our staff, animals and future adopters that we will continue operating by appointment. If there is an animal you are interested in adopting, we ask you to submit an application through our website. Which we will then review and contact you to schedule an appointment accordingly. We will continue our other services such as cremation services, microchipping and reclaiming lost pets through appointments, which you can contact to schedule appointments at 763-6110.

Thank you for your understanding, cooperation and continued support. 

-Prince Albert SPCA team