Wills & Bequests

Everyone should have a Will—your Will can spare your family and friends further stress at a difficult time. A Will ensures that your assets will go to the people or causes you wish to support.

There are several different types of bequests you can include in your Will:

A specific sum of money,
Residue of an estate (this may be part or all of the entire estate left after previous bequests have been paid to other beneficiaries),
A percentage of the whole residue of the estate,
Property, both real and personal (this could be in the form of a house, cottage, car, jewelry or personal effects),
Life tenancy (for example, the bequest is payable only on the death of the individual who is receiving interest invested in a trust),
Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Non-cash requests (except for publicly-traded securities) are subject to approval by the Prince Albert SPCA.

Any bequest may be directed to a specific use, but it is preferable to make the gift a general one to ensure the monies received may be directed to the areas of greatest need.

The correct name when leaving a bequest to the Society is:
The Prince Albert Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
1125 North Industrial Drive, Box 1832
Prince Albert, SK S6V 6J9

Your Will should be made in consultation with your lawyer. This ensures that the document is legally binding, properly expresses your wishes, and maximizes tax benefits to your estate. Contact the SPCA Executive Director at 306-763-6110 for more information.