Join our team, and become a Volunteer! Help us make a difference in the lives of the hundreds of animals that come through our doors each year.


Before you get started, please review our application process below:

Step 1: Before completing your online application, we will require 2 additional items which you will bring to our Orientation Night.

  1. A Criminal Record Check (CRC) for anyone 18+ years old. The parent/guardian accompanying a minor will be required to submit their CRC. Please note the the expense of requiring the CRC will be at your expense.
  2. We require you to read and sign the Volunteer Agreement. (We will provide the form at Orientation Night)

Step 2: Click the “Click to Apply Here” link below to go to our volunteer program, where you will create a username and password and submit a volunteer application. Once your application is complete, you will be directed you My Impact main page and you will be able to create your volunteer profile. Be sure to retain your login credentials, as you will need them to “clock in” for your shifts and sign in to the app in future.

Step 3: Once you have submitted your application, you can sign up to attend our next Orientation Night where we will go through what you can expect with our volunteer program. Our next Orientation date is listed below.

Once you have attended the Orientation Night and have provided your CRC and signed Volunteer Agreement, you will be approved and will Officially be a new PASPCA Volunteer!


Orientation Night Date:

  • Wednesday February 8, 7pm here at the shelter

To Attend the Orientation Night please contact us to Sign Up (by phone 763-6110 or email


Volunteer Programs

Cat/Dog Socializing
Help us socialize our adoptables, by allowing them to stretch their legs and get some exercise and snuggles while enjoying time out of their kennel.

Cat/Dog Grooming
Help us groom our adoptables, so they feel their best when they meet their future families.

Little Red Walking Program
Take a dog out to Little Red Park for a good walk and adventure, to give them a break from the shelter. (For experienced volunteers with 20+ hours of volunteer experience with dogs)

Read and Relax
Bring your favourite book and hand out with a shelter animal and enjoy some quiet time reading. Reading quietly or out loud, the choice is yours! Though hearing a soft soothing voice can be especially beneficial for fearful animals.

Kitty Reader Program
For children aged 7-12 to enjoy quiet time reading to the adoptable cats. This program will improve reading skills, help gain confidence in their reading ability, help children be able to maintain focus and awareness as well as improve their attitude toward school.

Cuddle Therapy
Help socialize fearful cats and kitten to become more adoptable. (For experienced volunteers with 20+ hours of volunteer experience with cats)

Small Critter Cuddles
Help us socialize our small adoptables, by letting them spend time hanging out on your lap while they enjoy a break from their cages.

Kennel Support for Dogs/Cats
Help us keep kennels clean and organized , so the animals are comfortable while they await adoption.

Laundry Support
Help us do our daily laundry, dishes and general tidying of the shelter to ensure the animals have a comfortable and clean stay at the Shelter.

Animal Transport
Help us transfer animals in a vehicle to either another humane society/rescue, or for a volunteer event/fundraiser

Pet Therapy
Take a shelter animals and visit a senior care home and retirement living residence within Prince Albert for the physical and mental well-being for both the animals and seniors and residents.

Special Events
Help us with adoption events and fundraisers and represent the Prince Albert SPCA in the community.

Pet Pantry
Offer to purchase a specially needed item for the animals periodically throughout the year. We will reach out to you when we need a specific item.

Office Support
Help us with behind the scenes office work. Activities may include data entry, card writing, filing and other clerical duties.

Buildings/Grounds Maintenance
Help us keep the shelter looking its best, to create a welcoming environment for everyone who visits.

Emergency Support Team
You will be on our call list for help in the case of an emergency to assist us in a moment of urgent need. We will have meetings to discuss and go over emergency plans and to keep informed on how we will handle emergency situations.

Eligibility By Age

7-11: Join our Kitty Reader Program! Parent/Guardian Supervision required (one adult per child)

12-13: Help socialize our adoptable felines! Parent/Guardian Supervision required (one adult per child)

14-15: Help socialize our adoptable felines! Parent/Guardian must co-sign forms, child may volunteer unsupervised

16-17: Help socialize our adoptable dogs, cats and small critters. Parent/Guardian must co-sign forms, child may volunteer unsupervised

18+: Join in programs of choice to suite how you can best help!