Making a donation monthly to the Prince Albert SPCA is an easy, convenient and cost-effective way to show your ongoing support to our animals. The PAWS (Pre-Authorized Withdrawal System) program makes giving more convenient for you because donations are automatically withdrawn directly from your bank account each month. By joining PAWS you are able to:

• Choose the amount of your monthly gift: We are honoured to accept monthly donations of all sizes.

• Choose when you would like your donation withdrawn: You have the choice of having your donation withdrawn on the 1st or the 15th of each month.

• Change your donation amount at any time: You may change the amount you are donating each month just by making a quick phone call to the PA SPCA at 306-763-6110.

• Lower costs for the Prince Albert SPCA: Monthly donations are very cost effective for the PA SPCA to process which means the majority of your money is used for animal care.

• Know that your donation is being put to immediate use: Since the PA SPCA receives your donation monthly we are able to invest it immediately in the care of our animals.

• Receive a convenient yearly tax receipt: Each year you will receive one tax receipt from the PA SPCA for the total amount you have donated which means no more searching for lost receipts issued throughout the year.

To become a PAWS donor please contact the Prince Albert SPCA for more information or to sign up