Outright Gifts

For many people, this is the simplest way to make a gift to the Prince Albert SPCA (PASPCA), but there are other kinds of property you can give.

For example, you may have non-cash assets which you no longer require for investment or tax reasons. You can donate such gifts as securities, real estate, artwork or jewelry and receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of the gift.

Gifts of property worth more than $1,000 (other than publically-traded securities) must have an independent appraisal by a certified appraiser. Non-cash gifts, except publically-traded securities, are subject to approval by the Prince Albert SPCA.

Publically-traded securities are securities that are listed on a prescribed stock exchange and include shares, bonds, mutual funds, and segregated funds. Where publically-traded securities are transferred on an “in-kind” basis to the PASPCA, you do not have to include any of the capital gains generated by the gifts as part of your taxable income. You will still receive a donation tax receipt equal to the fair market value of the donated securities.

Contact the SPCA Executive Director at 306-763-6110 for more information.