History of the SPCA

In June of 1985 the Prince Albert Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals Inc. (SPCA) was incorporated and a Board of Directors was established. Prior to that the Ladies Auxiliary held various fundraisers to assist with helping abandoned and neglected animals find a better home.

In January of 1988, the City of Prince Albert approved an Agreement to appoint the SPCA as the Citys Poundkeeper. Staff and volunteers then took over the premises on 10th Street East, which was then the location of the old City Dog Pound. The SPCA is currently the Poundkeeper for the City of Prince Albert.

The shelter/pound building was over 50 years old. For 26 years the SPCA operated out of that building and performed their objectives of animal welfare as well as providing Poundkeeping Services.

Because the building, which was owned by the City, was old, dilapidated, small with rust and black mold in the kennels and asbestos in the walls, it was decided that a new building was needed. A careful review of the Minutes of the Board of Directors reveals that on June 20, 2005 discussions began with regards to erecting a new Shelter/Pound.

As such, in October 2009, the SPCA launched the “New Leash on Life” Campaign with the goal of raising 3.2 million dollars. The plan included a three phase project, namely the purchase of land, the construction of a boarding kennel, an off-leash park and a new Animal Shelter/Pound. The land was purchased in Sep. 2009, the off-leash park opened in Aug. 2010, the Paw Print Inn Boarding Kennel opened on Dec. 15 2010. The construction of the new Shelter began in Apr. 2013 and the SPCA re-located to the new facility in June 2014.

The community, donors and volunteers can be very proud of the contributions made to make this all possible. Our temporary guests appreciate the new facility very much and without the great community support received, the project would not have happened.

I think it is important to include in this history the fee-for-service provided to the SPCA from the City to be the Poundkeeper. The fees are as follows:

1988-1997 fee=$4000 per year


1999-2005=$10500 per year




2009-2010=$80000 per year











Dan Troupe

Past Chair, Board of Directors

Prince Albert SPCA