A portion of your contribution for an annuity is available to the Prince Albert SPCA (PASPCA) upon the completion of the gift arrangements, and the balance is used to purchase the annuity through a licensed insurance agent. The annuity is structured to pay you the agreed amount. You can choose to receive payments monthly or quarterly and either by cheque or direct deposit to your bank account. You can also choose to receive annuity payments as long as either spouse is living. The amount of annuity will depend on your age, gender, the amount you decide to contribute, and the annuity rates when you make your gift. You will receive a donation receipt from the PASPCA which represents the difference between the amount of your gift and the cost to the PASPCA of purchasing the annuity. A significant portion of the annuity payments will not be taxable income to you. (The portion subject to tax will be based on your age and gender.) An annuity for Prince Albert companion animals is a way to ensure financial security for yourself and your family and make a valuable gift to the PASPCA. Contact the SPCA Executive Director at 306-763-6110 for more information.