Success Story-1

Hello Prince Albert SPCA!!!

Just wanting to email you about our adoption from one year ago. My husband and I adopted a little puppy named Oreo from there last year. She was a little fluff ball at 7 weeks old. She was so adorable and so so sweet.
This was her the day we brought her home so tinny and cute!!!

image5She has been an amazing addition to our family and has been leaning so much. She is just over a year now and has learned how to sit, lay down, roll over,stay, shake, hugs and she listens very well on walks. She travels great and gets along very well with other dogs and kids!!

image4She is such a great addition. This is her now….
We love her like crazy and couldn’t imagine our lives without her❤️
A great success story from us

Jenn,JR,and Oreo