Urns and Keepsakes

Pets often become family members, and when they pass away we feel the blow as strong as losing a beloved relative. Urns are one way to help deal with sorrow in the loss and provide a perfect resting place for your beloved pet.
We have a variety of urns here to choose from here at the shelter, as well as have numerous urns that can be ordered and customized with an engraving dedicated to your pet.

Scatter Tubes:

These environmentally friendly urns can be used as a keepsake, or can be buried and cause no harm or threat to the environment. We have these in stock right here at the shelter!

Small (holds remains up to 20lbs) $31.99
Medium (holds up to 40lbs) $35.99
Large (holds up to 120 lbs) $39.99

Swipe through the photos below to see the unique themes we have on hand:


Order from Eckles and Company

If you would like personalised urns consider ordering from Eckels. To do this all you have to do is check out their website and find the specific urn you are interested in. Once you find the urn you would like, give us a call at 763-6110 and let us know which urn/keepsake you would like to order. We will provide you with the price, and order the urn/keepsake(s) for you. We will contact you once it has arrived. If you are currently getting your pet cremated, we will put the remains into the urn for you before you pick up.

With ordering an urn/keepsake from Eckels, you can choose to get engraving on your urn/keepsake for only an additional $35.

Prices may vary pending on the urn/keepsake

You can view their catalogue in the photos below: