Presidents Message


Dear Friends of the Prince Albert SPCA,

As I begin my annual report to the members of the Prince Albert SPCA, I would just like to first off say how very grateful we are for the tremendous work done by all the members, staff, volunteer, sponsors, donors and Board of Directors past and present, who have contributed to our “state of the art” facility, and to an organization dedicated to providing the best care to our animal friends.

As we know, there will always be challenges and obstacles that we, as a non-profit organization, will continue to face. As a board are truly dedicated to positively addressing each of these obstacles in a professional manner, in order to reach our common goals.

I am very excited to announce that we have seen many positive changes within the organization in 2017. We have added some new faces to the Board of Directors, who bring forth some very valuable education and experience, along with fresh ideas to take us to our goals. These dedicated members have a large amount of compassion for our furry friends, and will be a great asset as we all, as a team, work towards our long-term vision.
We have also strengthened old partnerships and created dynamic new partnerships with the following;

a) Charlies Angels Annual Golf Tourney – received approx. $ 23,000 this past summer
b) PA SPCA is the charity for the next year for Winesday every month at Rock Trout Café, which brings in significant annual revenue.

We continue to be very diligent in reviewing all of our operating expenses and have seen logical operational savings within the organization. In 2017 we have stabilized our cash flow by increasing staff efficiencies within the office, and rigorously controlling expenses, while still providing exceptional care to our furry residents. We have also been able to get extra support from many of our suppliers which has greatly assisted us.

The animal shelter continues to be very busy and our animal intake levels are increasing. To deal with the increased intake we have been working with other shelters and rescue organizations to transfer out animals beyond our local adoption capacity.

I am also pleased to report that the Paw Print Inn has continued to improve its operations in 2017 and thus assist the shelter in funding its operations.

Brent MacDonald
President of the Board of Directors