Kitten Season

Kitten and Puppy season is now among us!! During this time we would like to ask everyone to keep their eyes out for any stray newborns, as they may be in need. If you do happen to find any young or a nursing mother and her young, please call our local Bylaw. We ask that you do not touch or move them as this can cause mothers to abandon their young or get dangerously protective over them. During their first weeks of life, pups and kittens are extremely delicate. They can easily get cold or starve if they are separated from their mother, which can have devastating consequences to them.

Just this last week our staff found themselves in a critical situation involving a litter of one week old kittens. A member of the public had spotted a group of individuals throwing each of the kittens 2-3 feet in the air. This alone can cause great bodily harm to these young fragile bodies. The public member was able to convince the group to give them one of the 5 kittens. Which they then rushed it into our care. Luckily we had a mother who recently gave birth to a small litter of kittens, and she was more than happy to take on this kitten as her own. With one kitten saved, it was a race for our Animals Protection Officers to hunt down the remaining kittens and ensure their survival. Later in the day one more kitten was brought in, and our search continued for the last 3. Late into the evening two of the remaining three kittens were found. After they were lit on fire. These two singed and cold kittens were brought into the shelter and the mother again accepted the remaining kittens. We slowly helped the mom warm up the last two kittens and were able to start syringe feeding them. After a bit of time and a lot of TLC, these kittens are now thriving with their new adoptive mom. The last kitten was found later by a member of the public and taken to another rescue. Without the leads and help of the public we would have not been able to save these precious babies.

The following picture is of one of the burnt kittens. He has wounds that are slowly healing, but he is happy and alive! He is not currently available for adoption, but we will keep you updated on this litter once they are available to find their new homes.
There is an investigation underway, but we are having a difficult time identifying any of the individuals involved in it. These cases are extremely hard to prosecute, but we are hoping and looking for more leads.

Again if you happen to find any newborns, please make the right choice and contact our local Bylaw officers at 306-953-4222. If you see any animals in harm, please contact our Animal Protection Officers at 763-6110