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Please book in advance as Saturday appointments can be up to a three week wait. Ashley Atterbury, has been a professional Certified Pet Stylist for 13 years. Her lifelong passion is her dogs. Ashley breeds and shows Champion Shetland Sheepdogs. Ashley is happy to be partnering with the Paw Print Inn and the Prince Albert SPCA and be able to offer a one on one grooming experience in a quiet atmosphere where your pet can relax and go at their own pace. She looks forwards to meeting new furry friends and greeting long time clients as well. All profits from groomer services go toward helping lost and abandoned pets at the Prince Albert SPCA. Call 306-922-7387 today to book your pets first grooming with the Paw Print Inn.

Ashley strives to maintain a calm, fun environment for both groomers and pets. You can aid by bringing in your dog on a leash, socializing your pet, and kennel training at home. We work with a lot of rescue dogs at the salon that are sensitive. Dogs that are over stimulated in the salon environment will need to be picked up as soon as possible upon completion of services to preserve a less distracted environment for other pets. If you are unable to pick up your dog right away, we are pleased to offer our Paw Print Spa Day and Play package where your pet can spend the afternoon in our Daycare after a morning of pampering!

Ashley is happy to offer clipping, scissoring, hand stripping and breed patterns. All services are selected with the owner at the time of the appointment. The person bringing in the dog and speaking to Ashley selects the service after a consultation. That means that if you can’t agree on  your pet’s style at home, whoever brings the dog in decides. This is a very important policy as we do not want to be involved with he said/she said debates.

Cruelty Free Policy

In order to provide a stress free and positive grooming experience here at the Paw Print Inn, we have a few policies you need to know. We are not equipped or qualified to sedate or forcibly restrain pets. We reserve the right to refuse service to any pet that cannot handle the grooming process without risk of harm to themselves or staff. All pet owners using the services of out Pet Stylist must disclose any history of aggression to our staff so we can make an accurate and safe risk assessment.

The dematting debate is a hot topic at any grooming salon. Want a hand scissored Teddy Bear? Plan on visiting us every six weeks and brushing your dog twenty minutes three times a week in between. Any less and your dog may need shaving. Dematting can be very painful for your pet and at the Paw Print Inn we believe in humanity before vanity. We are happy to provide a short trim for a fresh start and complimentary brushing lessons to our clientele.

Our pet grooming services at the salon are not a substitute for veterinary care. We do not diagnose or treat conditions that must be seen by a vet. To avoid exacerbating a medical condition, we will not interfere with areas of the body requiring medical attention. We will not pluck or clean infected ears, we will not attempt to expel impacted ear glands. Paw Print Inn will not be responsible for complication due to pre-exisiting medical conditions that may become inflamed during the grooming process including but not limited to ear/eye infections, skin conditions, and anal gland issues. Sometimes a shorter easy to manage haircut is better for arthritic, obese or elderly animals to eliminate the need for long periods of standing during the groom. We value your dog’s comfort and well being.