Please understand that information given about our exotics is based on our observation, and what information was provided to us when the animal was received. Often such information is minimal, and you should always take the time to ascertain for yourself if the exotic you are interested in meets your needs and requirements. And they’ll probably check you out too!

Status Key:

In Foster – Staying with a foster family on a temporary basis. Possibly available for adoption. (Viewing by appointment)
Available – This animal is looking for a new home and is at the shelter available for adoption.


Adoption Fees:

Hamster/Gerbil/Mouse/Rat: $10

Guinea Pig: $30

Rabbit: $40 

Birds: (Including Budgies, Finch, Cockatiel, and other Specialty Birds) $20-$400 pending on species

Reptiles: (Including Snakes, Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Turtles and other Specialty Reptiles) $10-$160 pending on species


ADOPTION FEE SPONSORED- This means their adoption fee has been paid for already by a sponsor! This sponsorship only covers their adoption fee and does not include the license fee. If you would like to sponsor an adoptable animal please contact us at 763-6110


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