Barn Buddies

Barn Buddies Program

In order to reduce the number of cats constantly housed at the shelter, The Prince Albert SPCA is pleased to offer the “Barn Buddies” program. Barn cats will help keep down the rodent and vermin population on your property. The cats will be helping you and you will be helping them by providing them with a safe place to live. While we understand that there are risks to living in this environment, this project offers cats that are less likely to be adopted out due to age, length of stay at the shelter, are semi-feral, etc a second chance at life. The Prince Albert SPCA does not adopt out kittens, pregnant cats, long haired or senior cats to this program. Only cats over the age of 6 months who have been health checked, vaccinated, micro chipped and are spayed/neutered will be eligible for the program. The cost to adopt a Barn Buddy is a minimum $20 monetary donation per cat. The cost to sterilize, vaccinate, microchip and feed one cat is significantly greater than that amount and as such, a larger donation is greatly appreciated.
Barn Buddies are adoptable to individuals who can provide the following:
• shelter in heated/insulated barns, shops, buildings, or stables
• daily food and water – cats cannot live on what they may or may not catch
• long-term veterinary care, if needed and as required
• the ability to close the shelter they will be living in for the first 48 hours, while they acclimate to their surroundings.

If anyone has any questions about the Barn Buddies program you can either come in or give us a call at 306-763-6110.
Barn Buddies Application